Make a great first impression with your buyers

Peloton allows you and your advisors to communicate with your buyers, investors and lenders in a way that suits their deal review process.

Peloton’s rich media capabilities allow you to highlight your business using video and other dynamic content. Bring your business to life with Peloton.

Peloton allows your buyers to download content directly into their investment committee memos, board presentations and financial models. This allows your buyers and investors to be better informed and make firmer proposals and commitments. Smart bidders are better bidders.

Gain detailed insights into reader behavior

Peloton allows you to track who is reading, what they are focused on and when to get in contact with them.

Daily analytics allow your advisors to identify the potential buyers, investors and lenders who are most engaged.

These insights allow you to focus your efforts on the most likely buyers and investors and avoid spending too much time on those individuals who seem less likely to submit an offer. Do not waste time with buyers who are not genuinely interested in your business.

There is no more valuable resource than your time and that of your management team. Peloton provides the tools that you and your advisors need to select the right partners and understand their concerns.

Data protection policies

Peloton takes your data security very seriously and takes every precaution to make sure your confidential information stays that way.

Your data is transmitted to the reader’s browser using a 128 bit SSL encrypted channel. Content is protected using 256 bit AES encryption, which is a U.S. Government-grade algorithm.

Peloton works with a nationally-recognized hosting provider that has the following certifications: PCI Data Security Standard Level 1 Service Provider status; Safe Harbor; Content Protection and Security Standard; SSAE Type II SOC 1; SOC2 (Security and Availability Only); SOC 3; and ISO 27001. All of our partner’s Data Centers employ a variety of secure mechanisms, including strict access policies plus secure vaults and cages.

Peloton has maintained 99.8% uptime since inception.

Peloton is a trusted partner

Many of the world’s largest investment banks, private equity firms and corporations are using Peloton to tell a better story and enhance their M&A and financing transactions.

Buyers enjoy using Peloton’s simple and intuitive tools to review investment opportunities. Peloton simplifies transaction-related workflows for your bankers and your buyers alike and adds significant efficiency to the process.

“I endorse Peloton from the point-of-view of a metrics-oriented manager who would like to be able to use this platform when my PE sponsors make the decision to sell.”


Peloton for corporate transactions