There is a much better way

Peloton replaces hard copy and PDF deal books with dynamic, interactive documents that let you tell your client’s story and manage your M&A and financing transactions in a dynamic new way.

compelling story

Tell a compelling story

Competition for buyer interest is intense and it’s critical that your deal stand out from the crowd.

Peloton’s dynamic, interactive documents allow you to tell your client’s story in an exciting new way.

Now you can explain the company’s value proposition or the intricacies of its manufacturing process with videos, dynamic exhibits and other rich media content.

Bring your client’s business to life with Peloton.

Gain insights

After PDF or hard copy books are distributed during the marketing phase of the deal, you and your client lose visibility into your process.

Despite the follow-up phone calls and emails, you don’t always know if your buyers received the book or if it got buried in a crowded inbox; if they’ve read it; shared it; or done any work. Until now.

Peloton allows you to use data and analytics to gain control over your process during the weeks leading up to IOIs. You can now manage your buyers and investors more effectively, while providing your client with greater insight into the process.

As a banker, you’re in the information business – harness data and use it to your advantage with Peloton.

Maximize efficiency

Resources are limited and time is of the essence. Wall Street is embracing tools that enhance workflows, increase efficiency and reduce the stress of the process.

Peloton doesn’t change the way your deal team creates books. Books are written the way they always have been – in Word or PowerPoint. Simply upload the finished document to Peloton and we’ll handle the rest.

Peloton’s automated deal management tools save your team substantial amounts of time during the process, allowing them to focus on tasks that drive real value for your client.

Buyers told us what they want

We surveyed more than 150 private equity professionals and here are a few things they told us…

Would it be helpful to download financials directly into Excel?

Would it be helpful to see videos of product demos, etc.?

Would it be helpful to download images directly from the document?

Would it be helpful to navigate through a dynamic table of contents?

Enhancing the deal process

Peloton allows you to market your deals in a way that engages your buyers. Receive data and analytics on your buyers’ activity to help manage the pre IOI phase. Streamline the process with automated deal management tools that save your team significant time.

Communicate in color and engage your readers with rich media content

Get clarity with daily analytics and notifications

Simplify the sell-side workflow

Invitation tool

Allows you to invite multiple buyers and investors simultaneously

Automated watermarking

Saves analysts and associates hours of time and eliminates potential for costly errors

Edit / update

Allows you to edit or update the book at any time after it has been published

Status reports / notifications

Automates daily status reports and emails activity summaries to deal team on a daily basis

Bid summary reports

Peloton automatically compiles bid reports after indications of interest have been submitted

Return / destroy notifications

Each buyer receives automated return / destroy notifications after they have been deactivated from the book

“We’re really enjoying using Peloton —it’s made all the routine things so much easier to do, without any real extra work on our end to get it online compared to our traditional CIM writing.”

Peloton for Investment Banking