Why Peloton for Private Equity?

We believe that every private equity firm has been built by great entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs who are also great investors. Every entrepreneur has a terrific story to tell and Peloton helps you tell that story in an incredibly compelling way.

How can Peloton be used by PE firms?

Private Equity firms are embracing Peloton to change the way they communicate with all of their key stakeholders. Your firm has a fantastic narrative to tell to your investors; the bankers who send you deals; the strategic buyers who covet your companies; the management teams who run your businesses; and the CEOs who control the companies that you would like to acquire. Tell your story in a compelling way. Tell your story with Peloton.

Selling Portfolio Companies: The deal market is competitive. It’s critical that your deal stands out from the crowd. Peloton allows your advisors to market your business and drive a better transaction outcome. Use data to identify the buyers who are most interested in your deal and carve valuable time off of your marketing process.

Marketing & Outreach: Peloton allows you to tell your firm’s story to investment bankers, other intermediaries, management teams and business owners. Communicate your investment criteria to your deal sources. Share case studies about successful deals. How about video interviews with your partners discussing their industry perspectives? Stay in front of your deal sources using Peloton.

LP Communications: Use Peloton to differentiate your firm and dynamically communicate with potential investors during your fundraising process. Once the fund is closed, Peloton can also drive engagement for regular LP communications, including your annual meetings.

Portfolio Company Playbooks: Playbooks are ‘operating manuals’ that an increasing number of firms are using to set the vision and execution plan for portfolio company management teams. The playbook sets forth policies, procedures, roadmaps, reporting requirements and other information that all new portfolio companies must abide by. Peloton allows you to communicate these mission-critical documents in a dynamic and engaging way and to monitor engagement.

Deal Review: Peloton allows your team to review deal opportunities in an easy and intuitive way. Download Excel data directly from the book into your financial model. Extract images, tables and other content from the document and import them into you investment committee memo or board deck. Watch video and other dynamic content to better understand the business and its growth opportunities.

“Peloton allowed my deal teams to significantly reduce the amount of time they need to take a first look at deal opportunities.”